That Which Is Sown

by Dehumanize

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released July 1, 2017



all rights reserved


Dehumanize Louisville, Kentucky

We're a metal/deathcore/
death metal/ black
whatever band from Louisville, KY.

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Track Name: Behold, His Wrath Cometh!
Come, bow your head
Your monuments have fallen
Crushing you under
The foot of your fallacy

Somatic infrastructures of the human specimen
Smolder and corrode within the cataclysm
Deviations and woe are combined into wrath
The just punishment of such destructive might

Hollow, shallow breath
Protruding from your breast
Death has come for all
Silence shall befall
The anguish you've wrought
Shall strangle you now
The chaft is burned away
Annihilation in totality

Flesh is broken, raped of life
Towers crumble, works erased
Virulent species, cleansed in flame
Behold the lamb, no longer slain

Your peril-less mortality is forced down your throat
The words you spoke cut you down with prejudice
Caked in the blood of those you've lusted for
Choking on the fumes of your pointless endeavors

Come, bow and pray
Watch your word decay
Your judgement tolls
His wrath comes in full
Track Name: Tomes of Splintered Skulls (Feat. Matthew Plunkett of Abated Mass of Flesh)
Devised social structures condemn such artifice
By, in turn, stimulating conscience with pleasures
Man-made gods cloud the mind with manipulation
Devotion to the frailties of psychological remedy

Delve into your poisons
With precision and delicacy
Dance with the flames that devour
Give yourself into this desire

Molesting flames, corrosive ideology
Sing your hymns of dying intuition
Imbibing malice, incantations
Of loosed tongues and dead men

(Matthew Plunkett)
Cut your tongue out of your skull
Choke on the blood of disease
Crown your captor with your bones
For you are weak minded and nulled
Hollowed mind, soul captivated
Mesmerized by the drowning time
Your voice is equivalent to white noise
A regurgitation of sound, without purpose

Sociological flourishing provides greater apathy
Altruism, a lit taught by enchanted vassals
Desperation and depravity become purely mental
Visions of death, in turn, are beautiful tunes

Human minds are devious
Far from innocence or enlightenment
War is physical and mental
Maws that never close
Track Name: Malicious Parasitic Virulency
We put our disease
Upon a pedestal
Bow down in awe
Of your flaws
Consume in spite
Loathe the bloodshed
Yet you will bathe
In its wretched ways

Consumerism devours your conscience
Devout to an extent of humanitarianism
Your lives call out for its destruction

Opposition lies
In our dreary lives
Mutating into
Purified parasites

Disgusting display, purely apathy
Designated lies to smear the blame
Under our heel the flesh does peel
Crushing bones of the ones before

Blemished lambs are sacrificed as martyrs
Crushing condemnation of governing ties
There will be suffering, pure, unadulterated
Fixate on one, neglect thousands more

We disguise as caring, loving face
In false pretenses, shameless masquerade
The dead are forgotten, the living negated
Symbiosis achieved in pools of sanguine

Track Name: Torturous Inclination (Feat. Kamal Ali of Skirr)
Toil under the blistering sun
Grasp for the possession's gain
Writhe in the filth of the mind
Poised for the eternal desecration

Bleed out for your prize
Open up your Pandora's box
Extremity begets extremity
Your pleasure is a noose

Satisfaction is short lived bliss
The moment passes away like sand
You'll crave it again and again
Pain overturns this adolescence

These shortcomings are as blades
Carving deep into bolstering flesh
Craven imagery burns in the eye
Psychological depravity personified
Searing perfection is denied
Seizing under the putrefaction
End the emptiness that encircles
You've damned yourself for nothing

(Kamal Ali)

Toil under the blistering sun
Bludgeon your true resolve
You're inclined to always suffer
Absolutes of the narrowed mind
Track Name: Purification Through Bile And Gore (Feat. Ricky Witte of Ventriculostomy)
The lust for power permeates around you
The vermin scavenge, ripping at the corpses
Berate and confiscate, desecration ravenous
Diabolical insurgence, blistering anguish, rot

Brief surge of rage
Reap blood, sow hate

(Ricky Witte)
Rampaging belligerence
Concaving embellishment
Derogatory infrastructure
Of the humanoid psyche
Writhing in knee-deep sanguine
Blissful annihilation
Psychotic rage imbibed
Into calculated strike

Momentary accomplishment
Improvised defiance
The hatred swells within
Unleashed prejudicely
Unfiltered, purified
For those you've despised
You've succeeded in this
Farce of hate's release

It'll return
It'll never fade
It'll never die
Until you decay
This is wasteful
Feeding into itself
It'll crush you
Until you're nothing

Track Name: That Which Is Sown, Must Be Reaped
All the blood that has soiled the earth
And all the corpses, decayed, forgotten
We are the bastardizer of life itself
The destroyers of all purity and altruism

Behold, there comes a great light from above
The end of all your endeavors is personified
The wrath of God, His vengeance realized
All flesh shall be cleansed of the universe

The writing's on the wall
Justice has come for all
Permanence to raze
Defiance will have no place

There will be nothing left of your world
Our reality shall finally be excised
The tumor of the universe, a cancer
That multiplies and brings only death

Shelter from this will not be found
No haven for the impudent vices
He comes with a scythe for harvest
The seeds planted are now ripened